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(Regular issues on the Vietnam Journal of Family and Gender Studies)

Dear Distinguished Readers,


Vietnam Journal of Family and Gender Studies of the Institute for Family and Gender Studies is a prestigious peer-reviewed academic journal which publishes theoretical and practical research results and introduces scientific information, trainings, and policies on marriage, family, gender, women, and children in Vietnam; thereby providing contemporary knowledge and information to serve the country's socio-economic development processes.


Vietnam Journal of Family and Gender Studies includes a Vietnamese version, being published quarterly (with ISSN 1859-1361) and an English version, being published biannually (with ISSN 1859-1329).


Vietnam Journal of Family and Gender Studies has been recognized by the State Council of Professorship  to the list of qualified journals for the fields of Philosophy, Sociology, and Politics with a scientific work score of 0.75. The Editorial Board of the Journal consists of prestigious national and international scientists in the field of marriage, family, and gender studies.


The Journal would like to thank scientists for their interest and active engagement to the Journal over the recent years and would like to invite domestic and foreign scholars, policy makers, practitioners, and all readers who are interested in the family and gender matters to submit their unpublished research results to Vietnamese and English editions on the following topics: Theoretical and practical issues on Marriage - Family; Gender Equality and Women; Child research; Elderly care; Societal issues of the family.


Detailed information about the paper submitting guidelines is posted at the website of the Institute of Family and Gender Studies: Articles should be sent to the editorial office at:


Vietnam Journal of Family and Gender Studies

Room 420, 4th Floor, 27 Tran Xuan Soan Street, Ha Ba Trung District, Hanoi

Email:,;  Tel: 024.3933.1743


Yours Sincerely,

Vietnam Journal of Family and Gender Studies